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Five reflections on CU Mission Weeks

I've just come out of speaking at two CU mission weeks. My second and third as the main speaker.I feel like a novice, I've felt out of my depth, weak, feeble, socially awkward, but loving it. I've known a fresh sense of the love of God for me, and of love for people, and a growing inquistiveness about others.
Krish Kandiah is at Reading University this week and offers 5 reasons why University Missions Matter My reflections on eight days on the front-line?

1. The gospel is really good news. It's possible to tell it like it isn't, but it's beautiful when we manage to tell it well. I love trying to persuasively speak of the love of God. I love being able to warmly invite people to come and know God with me. Our gospel is so expansive and inviting. He's not a god with a gun to my head to enslave me, his love wins my heart to love. His love burns with jealousy for us. His love burns against evil. His love cleans the stains of sin.

2. If you put on a good event in …

Video: UCCF loves God finding us

More from UCCF
Video by Jonathan Greenaway, written by Mark Ellis, with Raphael Anzenberger.

5 Things that Matter in Evangelism (Richard Sibbes on Espousal Evangelism)

It's the time of year many Christian Unions raise the temperature for a week of additional events designed to give others the opportunity to encounter Jesus and explore their questions. I've been immersed in last week's Cardiff Uni 'But God' week and next week's at Bath Spa Uni. I'd value your prayers for myself and the students. I'm seeking to follow Richard Sibbes' lead, so here he is on Espousal Evangelism:

1. The Character of the Evangelist Matters. 
If we would be happy instruments to convert others, being converted ourselves, labour to be such as the world may think to be good and gracious. ‘you fairest among women,’ fair in the robes of Christ took out of his wardrobe. All the beauty and ornaments that the church has she has from Christ. Let us labour to be such as the world may see are good persons. We say of physicians, when the patient has a good attitude, the cure is half wrought. So the doctrine is half persuaded when there is a good appr…