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Church in a student city?

I've written in the past some Top Tips on finding a church for Christian Students.
Christian student? Research churches. Visit a few. Commit soon. Join a home group and love people. Get on a rota. Setup a standing order. — Dave Bish (@davebish) September 17, 2015
Church in a student town? Be hospitable, unshockable, patient, intellectually rigorous, passionate about CU, equipping for graduate life. — Dave Bish (@davebish) September 16, 2016How about from the perspective of a Church in a Student City? 
If you have students in your church and/or are a viable option then be available to students.

There are two Universities in our city and though we do get students from both we're no where near being a local church for one of them... as prospective students from Trent Uni have done Student Linkup I've usually suggested they try a nearer church than ours. For Nottingham Uni we are 300 metres from the edge of campus or a mile from its centre... so I think we're a pretty goo…