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All is gift (Romans 9-10)

I preached through Romans 9-10 for our Student Weekend recently.  Due to a tech-fail, these are re-records of the talks if you're interested.

Feel the pain of grace (Romans 9v1-14)

Grace leads to praying (Romans 9v14-10v1)

Proclaim his grace (Romans 10v1-21)

Church Planting in the Secular West

I've appreciated reading Stefan Paas' book Church Planting in the Secular West recently. Lots of church planting enthusiasm comes from the USA which is fine and understandable, but the US context is so different to Western Europe, which is significantly less-Christianised culturally and far more secular.

So I was glad to see Paas' study recommended late last year in a journal and have enjoyed reading it. I'm still mulling it over but here are a few thoughts and choice quotes:

As far as Western Europe is concerned, there is no reason to believe in the general truth of sweeping statements like ‘church planting is the best evangelistic methodology under heaven’ (p180)

Appreciating Paas' survey of the European church context, debunking of much common church planting rhetoric, while making a case for church's - new and old - to be mission-minded, which might mean church planting.

How much church planting talk argues for more and better churches? How much is either …